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Title: CMMIに基づくPBLにおける学びの質向上のための定量的評価手法の提案
A Proposal of Quantitative Learning Evaluation Method Based on CMMI for Improving the Qual- ity of Learning on PBL
Authors: 齊藤, 大樹
伊藤, 恵
Abstract: プロジェクト型学習 (PBL) は,社会・仕事で求められる資質や能力の育成を目的に高等教育機関を始め多くの場で 採用されている.一方で,PBL の実践において,プロジェクト実行中の記録が少ないため,教員による正確なフィー ドバックや,学生によるプロセス評価が難しいケースがある.また,学生が自己評価をした際も,それは教員による 評価と比べると甘めで,無相関な評価をしてしまうケースがある.これらにより,学生が PBL の中で経験した学び に気づきにくい問題がある.日戸らによる研究では,学生がプロジェクトの状況を監査・適応することが困難である という課題を解決するため,学生が PBL の学びを定量的に評価し,プロセス改善につなげることを可能にする,能 力成熟度モデル統合 (CMMI) に基づいた評価指標を提案した.日戸らの研究では,学生自身がプロジェクトの状態 を検査でき,成熟度を高めていくことが出来たが,学生による自己評価が客観性が低く,妥当ではない評価をしてし まう可能性があるといった課題が残った.以上から,本研究では CMMI に基づいた評価指標を用いたうえで,学生 による自己評価の他に,同様の評価指標を用いて教員が評価行い,自己評価とのずれを認識することでより自己評価 の客観性や妥当性を高め,学びの質を向上させることを図る評価手法を提案する. Project Based Learning is adopted in many educational institutions such as higher for developing the quality and ability required in society and working. On the other hand, in the practice of PBL, there are cases where it is difficult for teachers to give feedback to students accuracy, and students to evaluate the pro- cesses because there are few records such as documents during run the project. In addition, when students make a self-evaluation, there are cases where self-evaluation is looser and uncorrelated than their teacher’s evaluation. Due to these cases, there are problems that it is difficult for students to notice the learning that they have experienced in PBL. The study by Hinoto et al. proposed an evaluation index based on Capability Maturity Model Integration(CMMI) that allows students to quantitatively evaluate learning that they have experienced and improve the process in order to solve the problem that it is difficult for students to audit and adapt the status of the project. In the above study, students were able to inspect the status of the project and improve maturity of project by themselves, but there remained the problem that the self-evaluation by the students lacked objectivity and there was a possibility that the evaluation would be inappropriate. From the above, in this study, after using the evaluation index based on CMMI, in addition to the self-evaluation by the students, the teachers evaluate using the same evaluation index that the student used for self-evaluation. We propose an evaluation method that aims to improve the objectivity and validity of self-evaluation and improve the quality of learning by recognizing the difference between self-evaluation and evaluation by teachers.
Research Achievement Classification: 国内学会/Domestic Conference
Type: Conference Paper
Peer Review: なし/no
Solo/Joint Author(s): 共著/joint
Published journal or presented
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Date: 2-Sep-2021
Publisher: 日本ソフトウェア科学会
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