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Title: Evaluation of Forearm Musclar Function of Hemiplegic Patients Using Displacement MMG
Authors: Yoshimoto, Daichi
Furudate, Yuta
Chiba, Kaori
Ishida, Yuji
MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
Abstract: To realise an automated self-rehabilitation at home, it is necessary to provide proper feedback on the status of the recovery of the patient. In a simple finger rehabilitation, a fingertip force monitor is used to detect undesired and paralyzed movement, which is used to determine the degree of recovery. In contrast to the fingertip force, the balance of flexion and extension of finger muscles is another essential feature of the paralysis. However, simultaneous monitoring of flexor and extensor is impossible by using a single fingertip pressure sensor. Usually, EMG is used to monitor individual muscular activity. However, inexperienced home user will not be able to deal with electrodes properly. In this paper, we propose a device to monitor flexion and extension by a unit which is easy to handle. Also, we propose a method to derive a degree of recovery using the signals collected from this device. The results by data collected from healthy and stroke patients show the potential effectiveness of our method.
Research Achievement Classification: 国際会議/International Conference
Type: Conference Paper
Peer Review: あり/yes
Solo/Joint Author(s): 共著/joint
Published journal or presented
academic conference: 
2020 IEEE 2nd Global Conference on Life Sciences and Technologies (LifeTech)
Spage: 277
Epage: 279
Date: Mar-2020
Publisher: IEEE
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