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タイトル: Native-Speaker Necessity in TESOL: Enslavement, Indoctrination or Legitimate Choice?
著者: Rivers, Damian
アブストラクト: Within an overarching framework which views the process of language education as political - despite neoliberal rhetoric often claiming otherwise - this presentation invites discussion concerning the dependency within the TESOL domain upon native-speaker teacher models. Using the Japanese sociocultural context as referent (see Houghton & Rivers, 2013), the presenter first provides evidence from a variety of sources confirming the extent of institutional reliance upon native-speaker teachers who are positioned as model teachers of ‘authentic’ and ‘communicative’ language. After discussing the implications of this stance, data is showcased which demonstrates an almost uncontested acceptance of native-speaker teacher models within a large sample of students at a prestigious Japanese university. Within the data these students explained their attitudes concerning the perceived importance of the native-speaker teacher from a variety of similar perspectives. In addition to exploring the kind of textual responses given, this presentation ultimately asks whether such student preferences for native-speaker teacher models should be seen as a form of self-enslavement, institutional indoctrination, or as an example of legitimate choice. This question is considered with reference to the observation that the “most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities” (Bloom, 1987: 249). In other words, and as the data indicates, through socialization processes in the Japanese sociocultural context, alternative models of language education remain distinctly unknown and/or unvalued, thus contributing to the continuation of a politically rather than pedagogically driven status quo of language education.
研究業績種別: 国内学会/Domestic Conference
資料種別: Conference Paper
査読有無: あり/yes
単著共著: 単著/solo
年月日: 2013年6月1日





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