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タイトル: The Cultural Complexities of Native-English Speaker Teacher Identities
著者: Rivers, Damian
アブストラクト: The social backdrop to this presentation represents one in which multiple-fluidic identities are widespread, yet are often denied through the social assignment of static-identities by majority groups and majority group members as a means of maintaining the illusion of cultural, linguistic and racial homogeneity, majority power control and thus social order and in-group harmony. That is, entrenched habits concerning how cultural and linguistic diversity is imagined and managed in Japan remain largely shackled by former discourses characterizing Japan as a relatively homogenous nation-state. This is particularly true in relation to dominant social representations of the ‘native-English speaker’ teacher that have functioned to maintain an illusion of “hegemony of linguistic and cultural capital which may not fit the reality of their lived experience or teaching practice” (Breckenridge, 2010, p. 57). Drawing upon 12 teacher narratives this presentation explores the intricate ways in individuals classified as ‘native-English speaker’ teachers attempt to negotiate and manage the real, imagined, dictated and desired dimensions of their identities from a variety of perspectives. Implications for foreign language education will be presented and participants will be invited to imagine and discuss the problematic position of being and defining the parameters of the ‘native-English speaker’ teacher status-label.
研究業績種別: 国際会議/International Conference
資料種別: Conference Paper
査読有無: あり/yes
単著共著: 単著/solo
年月日: 2012年12月4日





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