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タイトル: National Selves and National Others: Motivational Processes in Intercultural Contexts
著者: Rivers, Damian
アブストラクト: Ushioda (2009) notes that where L2 motivation is concerned there is a prevalent need to understand second language learners as real people who are located in particular cultural and historical contexts, and whose language learning motivation and identities are shaped by these contexts. Based upon this assertion it could be argued that the fields of Applied Linguistics and TESOL are not suitably equipped to do this. For example, with a specific focus on the issue of language, Gramsci (1971) notes that it is an important discursive element often utilized in the promotion of patriotism and efforts to maintain national or racial hegemony, especially with the context of Japan where language "is viewed less as a tool for self-expression than as a medium for expressing group solidarity and shared social purpose" (Tobin, Wu, & Davidson, 1989, p. 189). These observations concerning language suggest that issues such as nationhood and intercultural relations must be considered within any model or theory of motivated language behaviour. Therefore, supported by large scale data (n=1022) collected within a Japanese university, this presentation will focus on discussing the possible role of Japanese national identification in the L2 motivation process by examining its impact upon a variety of intercultural contact and appraisal variables.
研究業績種別: 国内学会/Domestic Conference
資料種別: Conference Paper
査読有無: あり/yes
単著共著: 単著/solo
年月日: 2011年7月10日





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