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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
2017Bringing the Isms into FocusRivers, Damian; Zotzmann, Karin
2017Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
2017Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
2017Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
2017Privilege and Marginalization in English Language Teaching: Beyond Essentialization and IdealizationRivers, Damian; Yazan, Bedrettin; Rudolph, Nathanael; Aneja, Geeta; Park, Gloria; Kubota, Ryuko
2017Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
3-Dec-2016The Omnipresent Other: National Identity in English Language LearningRivers, Damian
17-Oct-2016Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
24-Aug-2016Intergroup Encounters in English Language Learning: Modeling the Impact of National IdentificationRivers, Damian
22-Aug-2016Constructing Ideological Opposition to the Native-Speaker English TeacherRivers, Damian
10-Jul-2016White Nationalist Discourse on Hip-Hop: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Otherness ConstructionRivers, Damian
1-Jun-2016External Ph.D ExaminerRivers, Damian
2016Employment Advertisements and Native-Speakerism in Japanese Higher EducationRivers, Damian
2016Invited Journal ReviewerRivers, Damian
15-Dec-2015Student Storytellers: Hip-Hop Pedagogy and the Reconfiguration of English as CommunicationRivers, Damian
30-Nov-2015Should we listen to students who demand “native-speaker” teachers?Rivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
30-Nov-2015Shared Territory: Making Room For Emotion And Cognition In Applied LinguisticsRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
15-Aug-2015Cultural Essentialism and Foreigner-as-Criminal DiscourseRivers, Damian
1-Jul-2015The Self-Other Positioning of International Students in the Japanese University English Language ClassroomRivers, Damian
6-Jun-2015Beyond Bifurcation: Language Speakers as Complex IndividualsRivers, Damian; Rajagopalan, Kanavillil; Liang, Shihua


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