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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
Jul-2013Structured convex optimization under submodular constraintsNagano, Kiyohito; Kawahara, Yoshinobu
Oct-2012Equivalence of convex minimization problems over base polytopesNagano, Kiyohito; Aihara, Kazuyuki
2012Online prediction under submodular constraintsSuehiro, Daiki; Hatano, Kohei; Kijima, Shuji; Takimoto, Eiji; Nagano, Kiyohito
Jun-2011Size-constrained submodular minimization through minimum norm baseNagano, Kiyohito; Kawahara, Yoshinobu; Aihara, Kazuyuki
Jan-2011Submodular fractional programming for balanced clusteringKawahara, Yoshinobu; Nagano, Kiyohito; Okamoto, Yoshio
Jan-2011Minimum average cost clusteringNagano, Kiyohito; Kawahara, Yoshinobu; Iwata, Satoru
Apr-2010Submodularity cuts and applicationsKawahara, Yoshinobu; Nagano, Kiyohito; Tsuda, Koji; Bilmes, Jeff
Oct-2009Submodular function minimization under covering constraintsIwata, Satoru; Nagano, Kiyohito
Aug-2009A structure theory for the parametric submodular intersection problemNagano, Kiyohito; Fujishige, Satoru
2009Minimizing continuous extensions of discrete convex functions with linear inequality constraintsFujishige, Satoru; Hayashi, Takumi; Nagano, Kiyohito
Dec-2007A strongly polynomial algorithm for line search in submodular polyhedraNagano, Kiyohito
Jun-2007On convex minimization over base polytopesNagano, Kiyohito
Jan-2007Efficient solutions to relaxations of combinatorial problems with submodular penalties via the Lovász extension and non-smooth convex optimizationChudak, Fabian; Nagano, Kiyohito


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