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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
2018Motion of a Spot in a Reaction Diffusion System under the Influence of ChemotaxisKawaguchi, Satoshi
2016Properties of coupled oscillator model for bidirectional associative memoryKawaguchi, Satoshi
2015Scaling analysis for Aharonov-Bohm ring with an embedded quantum dot connected with ferromagnetic leadsKawaguchi, Satoshi
2014Propagating wave segment under global feedbackKawaguchi, Satoshi
2013Dynamics of order parameters in oscillator associative memory models with scattered natural frequency under external noiseKawaguchi, Satoshi
2012Spin-flip effects on current in a quantum dot with a Josephson junction systemKawaguchi, Satoshi
2011Chemotaxis-growth under the influence of lateral inhibition in a three-component reaction-diffusion systemKawaguchi, Satoshi
2010Dynamics of retrieval process in coupled oscillator models with scattered natural frequencyKawaguchi, Satoshi
2009Nonmonotonic behaviors of Fano factor in double quantum dot connected with Luttinger liquid electrodesKawaguchi, Satoshi
2008Synergistic effect of two inhibitors on one activator in a reaction-diffusion systemKawaguchi, Satoshi; Mimura, Masayasu
2008Effect of a side-connected dot in a T-shaped double quantum dot interferometerKawaguchi, Satoshi
2007Perturbative approach to Coulomb interaction in double quantum dot systemsKawaguchi, Satoshi
2006Electron Conduction in a Luttinger Liquid with Asymmetric Barrier Potentials under a Weak Magnetic FieldKawaguchi, Satoshi
2005Application of the Perturbative Renormalization Group Method Based on the Lie Groupto Pulse DynamicsKawaguchi, Satoshi
2004Order Parameter Flow of Auto-Associative Memory in an XY Spin SystemKawaguchi, Satoshi
2003Liquid-Crystal-Amorphous Phase Transitions in Optical Memory DevicesKawaguchi, Satoshi; Onda, Tomohiro
2002Oscillation of the Overlap Parameter in a Phase Coupled ModelKawaguchi, Satoshi
2002Dynamics of Sequence-Associative Memory for Discrete Maps in XY spin SystemsKawaguchi, Satoshi


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