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タイトル: Implementation and Evaluation of TCP Retransmission Algorithm For Wireless Packet Channel with Delay Variation
著者: Sekiguchi, K.
Imai, S.
Yamamoto, Y.
Meuchi, N.
Takahashi, Osamu
アブストラクト: In this paper, we propose the TCP retransmission timeout method for 3G/3.5G wireless packet access systems. TCP sender calculates RTO timer according to the value of RTT. However, the transmission characteristic of wireless packet channel is fluctuated randomly by fading, shadowing of radio signal, and radio channel controls of wireless packet system. When the variation of propagation delay of the channel increases, RTO timer is not calculated appropriately, that leads to a spurious timeout or an idle time of transmission that degrades TCP performance. The proposal RTO method consists from TS-RTO and improvement of exponential backoff. TS-RTO is an algorithm that calculates RTO timer in proportion to the value of difference between RTO timer and RTT. And we modify the exponential backoff to avoid expanding RTO interval. We implemented proposal RTO method on Linux, and evaluated the performance on the W-CMDA network emulator and on the 3G/3.5G commercial network.
研究業績種別: 国際会議/International Conference
資料種別: Conference Paper
査読有無: あり/yes
単著共著: 共著/joint
開始ページ: 158
終了ページ: 163
年月日: 2008年6月
出版社: 情報処理学会
出現コレクション:高橋 修





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