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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
6-Jan-2006Ant-based Survivable Routing in Dynamic WDM Networks with Shared Backup PathsNgo, Son Hong; Jiang, Xiaohong; Le, Vinh Trong; Horiguchi, Susumu
3-Jan-2006Ant-Based Alternate Routing in All-Optical WDM NetworksNgo, Son-Hong; Jiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
2-Jan-2006Lower-Bound on Blocking Probability of A Class of Crosstalkfree Optical Cross-connects(OXCs)Yu, Chen; Jiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
1-Jan-2006A Class of Benes-based Optical Multistage Interconnection Networks for Crosstalk-free Realization of PermutationsJiang, Xiaohong; Ho, Pin-Han; Shen, Hong; Horiguchi, Susumu
1-Jan-2006An Ant-based Approach for Dynamic RWA in Optical WDM NetworksJiang, Xiaohong; Ngo, Son-Hong; Horiguchi, Susumu
9-Jan-2005Design of Optical Rearrangeable Nonblocking MINs Under Various Crosstalk ConstraintsJiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
9-Jan-2005Dynamic RWA Based on the Combination of Mobile Agents Technique and Genetic Algorithms in WDM Networks with Sparse Wavelength ConversionLe, Vinh Trong; Jiang, Xiaohong; Ngo, Son Hong; Horiguchi, Susumu
8-Jan-2005Performance Modeling for All-Optical Photonic Switches Based on the Vertical Stacking of Banyan Network StructuresJiang, Xiaohong; Ho, Pin-Han; Horiguchi, Susumu
4-Jan-2004Active lightpath restoration in WDM networks [Invited]Jiang, Xiaohong; Azim, M. M. A.; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu; Horiguchi, Susumu; Ho, Pin-Han
12-Jan-2003Blocking Behaviors of Crosstalk-Free Optical Banyan Networks on Vertical StackingJiang, Xiaohong; Shen, Hong; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu
12-Jan-2003A Nonblocking Optical Switching Network for Crosstalkfree Permutation1Jiang, Xiaohong; Shen, Hong; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu
9-Jan-2003Crosstalk-free Permutation in Photonic Rearrangeable Networks Built on a Combination of Horizontal Expansion and Vertical Stacking of Bayan NetworksJiang, Xiaohong; Shen, Hong; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu
3-Jan-2003A New Scheme to Realize Crosstalk-free Permutation in Vertically Stacked Optical MINs1Jiang, Xiaohong; Shen, Hong; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu
11-Jan-2001Statistical Skew Modeling and Clock Period Optimization of Wafer Scale H-tree Clock Distribution NetworkJiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
5-Jan-2001Statistical Skew Modeling for General Clock Distribution Networks in Presence of ProcessJiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
3-Jan-1998Equivalent Circular Defect Model of Real Defect Outlines in the IC Manufacturing ProcessJiang, Xiaohong; Hao, Yue; Xu, Guohua


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