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2011年Singing in group gromotes prosocial behavior in childrenNakata, Takayuki; Takamura, Yoyai
2009年7月Music in the lives of deaf children with cochlear implantsTrehub, S. E.; Vongpaisal, Tara; Nakata, Takayuki
2008年5月Cross-cultural perspectives on pitch memoryTrehub, S. E.; Schellenberg E. G.; Nakata, Takayuki
2007年4月Music recognition, music listening, and word recognition by deaf children with cochlear implantsMitani, C.; Nakata, Takayuki; Trehub, S. E.; Kanda, Y.; Kumagami, H.; Takasaki, K.; Miyamoto, I.; Takahashi, H.
2007年1月Exposure to music and cognitive performance: Tests of children and adultsSchellenberg E. G.; Nakata, Takayuki; Hunter, P. G.; Tamoto, S.
2006年Pitch and timing in the songs of deaf children with cochlear implantsNakata, Takayuki; Trehub, S. E.; Mitani, C.; Kanda, Y.
2005年Influences of temporal fluctuation on infant attentionNakata, Takayuki; Mitani, C.
2005年Music recognition by Japanese children with cochlear implantsNakata, Takayuki; Trehub, S. E.; Mitani, C.; Kanada, Y.; Shibasaki, A.; Schellenberg, E. G.
2004年Infants' responsiveness to maternal speech and singingNakata, Takayuki; Trehub, S. E.
2004年Cross-cultural perspectives on pitch memoryNakata, Takayuki; Trehub, S. E.; Schellenberg, E. G.
2003年Maternal singing modulates infant arousalShenfield, T.; Trehub, S. E.; Nakata, Takayuki
2001年Emotion and music in infancyTrehub, S. E.; Nakata, Takayuki


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