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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
2017Advancing Computational Thinking and Knowledge Development in a 3D Virtual Simulation.Vallance, Michael
2017Bridging Transboundary Spaces through Making.Vallance, Michael
2016An information and communications technology (ICT)-enabled method for collecting and collating information about pre-service teachers’ pedagogical beliefs regarding the integration of ICT.Vallance, Michael
2016Researching Declarative, Procedural, and Meta-Cognitive Knowledge through Active Learning in Disaster-Themed 3D Virtual Worlds.Vallance, Michael
2016Establishing Meta-Learning Metrics When Programming Mindstorms EV3 Robots.Vallance, Michael
2016Pedagogic transformation, student-directed design and computational thinking.Vallance, Michael; Towndrow, Phillip
2016ゲーム・デ・エデュケーション: 「ゲームで教育」プロジェクト における学習支援ゲーム井上, 陽介; 土橋, 佳祐; 山香, 俊也; 今田, 侑那; 佐々木, 智弘; 坂本, 直優; 田中, 大也; 佐々木, 理子; 青柳, 誠也; 武元, 晴輝; 阿保, 達也; 今本, 浩貴; 内藤, 直人; 曲木, 拓郎; 平山, 直哉; 椿本, 弥生; 高村, 博之; Vallance, Michael; Kasujja Bagenda, Dominic
2015A situation that we had never imagined: post-Fukushima virtual collaborations for determining robot task metricsVallance, Michael; Martin, Stewart; Naamani, Catherine
2015Learning by TKF to promote computational participation in Japanese education.Vallance, Michael; Goto, Yuta
2015Post-Fukushima 3D Virtual Collaboration and Communication for Active LearningVallance, Michael; Ibayashi, Kenta
2015Engineering Active Learning in 3D Virtual Worlds.Vallance, Michael; Ibayashi, Kenta; Goto, Yuta
2015Global Virtual Team Collaboration Utilizing a 3D Virtual Environment.Wallace, P.; Vallance, Michael
2015International collaboration in 3D virtual spaces to advance Computational Thinking.Vallance, Michael
Jan-2014A multi-disciplinary approach developing a mobile Curriculum Mapping App called iFUN.Vallance, Michael; Murayama, Hiroaki; Sperling, David
Jan-2014UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE)Vallance, Michael; Dr. Phillip. A., Towndrow
20143D Media Architecture Communication with SketchUp to Support Design for LearningMehdi, Khosrow-Pour; Vallance, Michael
2014Task fidelity for robot-mediated interaction in 3D worlds.Vallance, Michael; Naamani, Catherine; Thomas, Malcolm
2014Geographies of making: the jazz of participatory fabrication, improvisation and hackerspaces.Schmidt, Suntje; Vallance, Michael; Cockshut, Ladan; Lim, Kenneth; Marianna, d' Ovidio; Colleoni, Elanor
2014Engineering active learning: LEGO robots and 3D virtual worlds.Vallance, Michael
2013Applied Information Science Research in a Virtual World Simulation to Support Robot Mediated Interaction Following the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.Vallance, Michael; Naamani, C.; Thomas, M.; Thomas, J.


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