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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
1-Feb-2011Emergent principles in gene expression dynamicsNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.
1-Jan-2011Plus-Minus construction leads to perfect invisibilityNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.
1-Aug-2010The role of internal duplication in the evolution of multi-domain proteinsNacher, Jose; Hayashida, M.; Akutsu, T.
1-Jul-2010Structural characterization and modeling of ncRNA-proten interactionsNacher, Jose; Araki, N.
1-Dec-2009A mathematical model for generating bipartite graphs and its application to protein networksNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.; Hayashida, M.; Akutsu, T.
1-Dec-2009On the construction of Complex Networks with optimal Tsallis information EntropyOchiai, T.; Nacher, Jose
1-Jul-2009A bipartite graph based model for protein domain networksNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.; Hayashida, M.; Akutsu, T.
1-Apr-2009Local and global modes of drug action in biochemical networksSchwartz, J.-M.; Nacher, Jose
1-Apr-2009A Mathematical model for the detection mechanism of DNA double-strand breaks depending on autophosphorylationMouri, K.; Nacher, Jose; Akutsu, T.
1-Feb-2009Emergence of scale-free distribution in protein-protein interaction networks based on random selection of interacting domain pairsNacher, Jose; Hayashida, M.; Akutsu, T.
1-Aug-2008Power-law of gene expression fluctuationsNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.
1-Aug-2008Stochastic analysis of auto-regulatory gene expression dynamicsOchiai, T.; Nacher, Jose
1-Apr-2008A global view of drug-therapy interactionsNacher, Jose; Schwartz, J.-M.
1-Mar-2008A novel design of dielectric perfect invisibility devicesOchiai, T.; Nacher, Jose; Akutsu, T.
1-Jan-2008Transcription and regulation in negative feed-back loopsNacher, Jose; Ochiai, T.
1-Sep-2007Recent progress on the analysis of power-law features in complex cellular networksNacher, Jose; Akutsu, T.
1-Aug-2007Correlation between structure and temperature in prokaryotic metabolic networksTakemoto, K.; Nacher, Jose; Akutsu, T.
1-Aug-2007Emergence of the self-similarity principle in gene expression dynamicsOchiai, T.; Nacher, Jose; Akutsu, T.
1-Jul-2007Evolutionary history and functional implications of protein domains and their combinations in eukaryotesItoh, M.; Nacher, Jose; Kuma, K.; Goto, S.; Kanehisa, M.
1-Jun-2007Observing metabolic functions at the genome scaleSchwartz, J.-M.; Gaugain, C.; Nacher, Jose; De Daruvar, A.; Kanehisa, M.


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