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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
Feb-2015Spatial consistency of neural firing regulates long-range local field potential synchronization: a computational study.Sato, Naoyuki
2015A Computational Model of Cortical Pathways Formed with Electroencephalogram SynchronizationSato, Naoyuki
Dec-2014海馬認知地図の神経基盤―場所細胞とグリッド細胞佐藤, 直行
2014Coupling between Spatial Consistency of Neural Firing and Local Field Potential Coherence: A Computational StudySato, Naoyuki
2013Fast entrainment of human electroencephalogram to a theta-band photic flicker during successful memory encoding.Sato, Naoyuki
2013Electroencephalogram dynamics during social communication among multiple personsSato, Naoyuki; Sato, Taiki; Okazaki, Takeya; Takami, Mitsuru
2012海馬の理論研究:ニューロンから行動ま で佐藤, 直行; 大森, 敏明; 我妻, 広明
2012Variety of cortical pathways formed by topographic neural projection: A computational studySato, Naoyuki
2011Spatial imagery of novel places based on visual scene transformationSato, Naoyuki
2011脳波の大域回路モデルによる脳分散システムの理解佐藤, 直行
2011身体図式を基礎とした動的イメージ生成の脳内メカニズム(3)-内嗅野グリッド細胞を考慮した空間情報処理の計算論-佐藤, 直行; タンビル, イスラム; 乾, 敏郎; 山口, 陽子
2010Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience and Systems Biology: Lessons Learnt, Open Problems, and the Road AheadBebber, Daniel; Sato, Naoyuki; Schuster, Alfons
2010Quo vadis artificial intelligence?Bebber, Daniel; Sato, Naoyuki; Schuster, Alfons
2010Simulation of Human Episodic Memory by Using a Computational Model of the HippocampusSato, Naoyuki
2010身体図式を基礎とした動的イメージの生成の脳内メカニズム(1)乾, 敏郎; 山口, 陽子; 佐藤, 直行; 水原, 啓暁; 笹岡, 貴史; 朝倉, 暢彦
2010海馬神経回路モデルを用いた記憶想起の予測佐藤, 直行
2010エピソード記憶の記銘における脳波シータ高帯域と低帯域の機能的差異佐藤, 直行
2010グリッド細胞表現に基づく他者視点シーン生成の計算理論佐藤, 直行
2010Functional dissociation of upper and lower theta-band oscillations in human scalp EEG during episodic memory encodingSato, Naoyuki
2010Integration of Visual Scenes and Motion Signals by Entorhinal Grid Cells During Spatial ImagerySato, Naoyuki


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