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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
1-Feb-2013Eigen analysis of space embedded equation in moment vector space for multi-dimensional chaotic systemsSatoh, Hideki
Feb-2013ユーザの嗜好に基づく味データの学習クラスタリング高野, 太吾; 佐藤, 仁樹
Feb-2013非線形時系列予測のための基底関数構築塚田, 将太; 佐藤, 仁樹
Dec-2012画像データの学習クラスタリング高野, 太吾; 佐藤, 仁樹
Sep-2012Basis construction with genetic algorithm for function approximation and predictionSatoh, Hideki
1-Oct-2010Analysis based on moment vector equation for interacting identical elements with nonlinear dynamicsSatoh, Hideki
1-Aug-2010Global Nonlinear Optimization Based on Eigen Analysis of Schrodinger-type EquationSatoh, Hideki
1-Jan-2010Global Nonlinear Optimization Based on Wave Function and Wave Coefficient EquationSatoh, Hideki
Oct-2009Moment Vector Equation for Nonlinear Systems and Its Application to Optimal ControlSatoh, Hideki
1-Jul-2008A Nonlinear Approach to Robust Routing Based on Reinforcement Learning with State Space Compression and Adaptive Basis ConstructionSatoh, Hideki
1-Apr-2008Reinforcement Learning with Orthonormal Basis Adaptation Based on Activity-Oriented Index AllocationSatoh, Hideki
Dec-2006A Non-linear Approach to Robust Routing Based on Reinforcement LearningSatoh, Hideki
1-Aug-2006A State Space Compression Method Based on Multivariate Analysis for Reinforcement Learning in High-dimensional Continuous State SpacesSatoh, Hideki
Aug-2006Reinforcement learning for continuous stochastic actions -- An approximation of probability density function by orthogonal wave function expansion --Satoh, Hideki
Jul-2006Feature space construction and function approximation for reinforcement learningSatoh, Hideki
1-Jan-2006Approximation and Analysis of Non-linear Equations in a Moment Vector SpaceSatoh, Hideki
Jan-2006Reinforcement learning in high-dimensional continuous state spacesSatoh, Hideki
Dec-2005リアルタイム可変レート動画通信システムの符号化パラメータ制御佐藤, 仁樹; 志賀, 実
Dec-2004A Statistical Analysis of Non-linear Equations based on a Linear Combination of Generalized MomentsSatoh, Hideki
Sep-2004An Approximate Analysis of Transient Response Moments and Power Spectrum for Non-linear Feedback Control over the InternetSatoh, Hideki


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