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2016年10月Robotic Finger Rehabilitation Support Device for Home Use - An Analysis of the Effect of Finger Rehabilitation for the Upper Limb Function RecoveryChiba, Kaori; Kakimi, Akihiro; Ogura, Naoyuki; Ishida, Yuji; Furudate, Yuta; Yamamoto, Kazuki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2016年8月26日Learning Adaptive Escape Behavior for Wheel-Legged Robot by Inner Torque InformationNishimura, Yuki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2015年11月26日Effects of Searching Task on Spinal Cord Excitability for Finger Function Recovery Training with Robotic DeviceChiba, Kaori; Kakimi, Akihiro; Ogura, Naoyuki; Kimura, Kazushi; Ishida, Yuji; Yamamoto, Kazuki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2015年10月30日Stability Effect for Passive Dynamic Walker by Stance Leg Heel Angle Constraint Using Foot ShapeHyodo, Kazuyuki; Iwaguchi, Yuya; Takamura, Yoshiaki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2015年7月8日Gait Design by Graph Coloring for Robots That Have Legs on Their FacesMIKAMI, Sadayoshi; Fukuda, Tomohisa; SUZUKI, Sho'ji
2014年12月10日Locomotion Method of a Rescue Robot with Multi-Legs and Omni-Directional WheelsFujiya, Tsuyoshi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2014年12月10日Frog-Like Robot with Jump and Walk Mechanism for Locomotion on Rough Terrain - Designing Legs with Biarticular Muscles and Slide-Lock Mechanism -Igarashi, Ayano; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2014年12月10日Prismatic Omni-Directional Legged Machine for Rough Environment Movement by a Simple Mechanical DriveMIKAMI, Sadayoshi; Fukuda, Tomohisa; Igarashi, Ayano; SUZUKI, Sho'ji
2014年12月10日Leg-Like Wheel for Mobile Robot that Realizes Smooth Movement on Even and Uneven SurfacesNagamura, Katsuya; Fujiya, Tsuyoshi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2014年12月10日Limiting Stance Leg Heel Angle by Sole Shape to Achieve Stable Passive Dynamic WalkOmido, Takeru; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi; Hyodo, Kazuyuki
2013年1月抑制足形状による2足受動歩行ロボットの歩行安定化原理を応用した歩行安定化促進靴力石, 直也; 菅原, 学; 大御堂, 尊; 兵頭, 和幸; 三上, 貞芳
2012年6月28日Feedback Control of Traffic Signal Network of Less Traffic Sensors by Help of Machine LearningWakahara, Takumi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2011年9月30日Acquisition of Self-Recovery Actions for Leg and Wheeled Autonomous Rover by Reinforcement LearningHorikawa, Masatoshi; Wakahara, Takumi; Ikeda, Kazunori; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2011年9月30日Learning to Control Traffic Lights for Near-Saturated Traffic FlowWakahara, Takumi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2011年9月29日Learning to Avoid Collisions in a Group of Mobile Robots by Using Simple Communication TechniqueSasaki, Keita; Marcolino, Leandro Soriano; Wakahara, Takumi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2011年9月17日The longest walk by a passive walking robotMIKAMI, Sadayoshi; Rikiishi, Naoya; Sugawara, Manabu; Hyodo, Kazuyuki
2011年9月Adaptive Nutrient Water Supply Control of Plant Factory System by Reinforcement LearningWakahara, Takumi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2010年11月Adaptive Nutrient Water Supply Control of Plant Factory System by Reinforcement LearningWakahara, Takumi; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi
2010年8月Turning Motion by Control Constraint Mechanism of Passive Dynamic WalkingHyodo, Kazuyuki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi; Narikiyo, Tatsuo; Kawanishi, Michihiro
2010年3月Outdoor Environment Walking by Biped Passive Dynamic Walker with Constraint MechanismHyodo, Kazuyuki; MIKAMI, Sadayoshi; SUZUKI, Sho'ji


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