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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
Mar-2012A corpus-based computational model of metaphor understanding consisting of two processesTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Sep-2008A corpus-based computational model of metaphor understanding incorporating dynamic interactionKurkova, Vera; Neruda, Roman; Koutnik, Jan; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Jul-2005A development method of a metaphorical search engineTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Sep-2007A method for the construction of a probabilistic hierarchical structure based on a statistical analysis of a large-scale corpusTerai, Asuka; Liu, Bin; Nakagawa, Masanori
Sep-2009A neural network model of metaphor generation with dynamic interactionAlippi, C.; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Aug-2007A neural network model of metaphor understanding with dynamic interaction based on a statistical language analysis: Targeting a human-like modelTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Sep-2006A Neural Network Model of Metaphor Understanding with Dynamic Interaction Based on a Statistical Language Analysis: Targeting a Human-like ModelKollias, S.; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Jul-2002A study on problem cognitive structure of project engineersTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori; Koshijima, Ichiro; Umeda,Tomio
Jul-2011A text corpus analysis approach to the conjunction fallacyWajima, Yuichiro; Nakamura, Kuninori; Terai, Asuka; Yamagishi, Kimihiko; Nakagawa, Masanori
Sep-2011An examination of the dynamic interaction within metaphor understanding using a model simulationTerai, Asuka; Hirose, Saori; Kuriyama, Naoko; Nakagawa, Masanori
Aug-2012An fMRI investigation of feature-emergence-related activation within metaphor comprehensionTerai, Asuka; Kuriyama, Naoko; Nakagawa, Masanori; Yamagishi, Kimihiko; Kusumi, Takashi; Jimura, Koji
Jul-2005Computational models of inductive reasoning and their psychologicale examination:Towards an induction-based search-engineSakamoto, Kayo; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Feb-2007Computational models of inductive reasoning using a statistical analysis of a Japanese corpusSakamoto, Kayo; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Mar-2008Construction of a probabilistic hierarchical structure based on a Japanese corpus and a Japanese thesaurusTokunaga, T.; Ortega, A.; Terai, Asuka; Bin, Liu; Nakagawa, Masanori
Nov-2011Construction of Japanese search engine based on computational model of inductive reasoningKaminishi, Hidekazu; Suzuki, Shusuke; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
May-2014Development of search engine with negative keywords in Chinese and Japanese : Based on a computational model of inductive reasoningZhang, Yujie; Terai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Jun-2015Enhancement of visual attention precedes the emergence of novel metaphor interpretationsTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori; Kusumi, Takashi; Koike, Yasuharu; Jimura, Koji
Jun-2012Examining an evaluation mechanism of metaphor generation with experiments and computational model simulationVilla, Alessandro E P; Duch, Wlodzislaw; Erdi, Peter; Masulli, Francesco; Palm, Genther; Terai, Asuka; Abe, Keiga; Nakagawa, Masanori
Jul-2009Experimental examination of feature emergence in metaphor understandingTerai, Asuka; Nakagawa, Masanori
Dec-2008Hierarchical probabilistic categorization of Japanese wordsShigemasu, Kazuo; Okada, Akinori; Imaizumi, Tadashi; Hoshino, Takahiro; Terai, Asuka; Liu, Bin; Nakagawa, Masanori
Showing results 3 to 22 of 24


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