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2010年1月5日A Novel Framework of Fast and Unambiguous Link Failure Localization via Monitoring TrailsWu, Bin; Ho, Pin-Han; Tapolcai, Janos; Jiang, Xiaohong
2006年1月1日A Class of Benes-based Optical Multistage Interconnection Networks for Crosstalk-free Realization of PermutationsJiang, Xiaohong; Ho, Pin-Han; Shen, Hong; Horiguchi, Susumu
2004年1月4日Active lightpath restoration in WDM networks [Invited]Jiang, Xiaohong; Azim, M. M. A.; Khandker, M. M. R.; Horiguchi, Susumu; Horiguchi, Susumu; Ho, Pin-Han
2009年1月7日Minimum Delay Scheduling for Performance Guaranteed Switches with Optical FabricsWu, Bin; Yeung, Kwan L.; Ho, Pin-Han; Jiang, Xiaohong
2010年1月12日Performance Evaluation of QoS-Aware Layer-2 VPNs over Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) NetworksDhaini, Ahmad R.; Ho, Pin-Han; Shami, Abdallah; Jiang, Xiaohong
2005年1月8日Performance Modeling for All-Optical Photonic Switches Based on the Vertical Stacking of Banyan Network StructuresJiang, Xiaohong; Ho, Pin-Han; Horiguchi, Susumu
2010年1月6日QoS-Aware Layer-2 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over EPON-WIMAXDhaini, Ahmad R.; Ho, Pin-Han; Jiang, Xiaohong
2010年1月11日WIMAX-VPON: A Framework of Layer-2 VPNs for Next-Generation Access NetworksDhaini, Ahmad R.; Ho, Pin-Han; Jiang, Xiaohong
検索結果表示: 1 - 8 / 8


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