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2008年Extraction Method of Scallop Area in Seabed Images for Fishery Resources InvestigationToda, Masashi; Enomoto, Koichiro; Kuwahara, Yasuhiro; Wada, Masaaki; Hatanaka, Katsumori
2005年Instrumentation for the measurement of shallow seabed topography by a fishing echo sounderHatanaka, Katsumori; Wada, Masaaki; Kotaki, Minoru
2008年Marine Broadband Framework for Coastal FishingWada, Masaaki; Hatanaka, Katsumori; Toda, Masashi; Sano, Minoru
2007年Practical Use of Personal Buoy System for Fishery Using Sensor Network TechnologiesWada, Masaaki; Hatanaka, Katsumori; Toda, Masashi
2011年9月Real time seawater observation network for aquacultureWada, Masaaki; Hatanaka, Katsumori
2009年Scallop Derection Method in Seabed Images Using Color and Shape InformationEnomoto, Koichiro; Toda, Masashi; Kuwahara, Yasuhiro; Wada, Masaaki; Hatanaka, Katsumori
検索結果表示: 20 - 25 / 25


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