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2012年9月16日Evaluating Validity of Classic Rhetorical Structure by Comparing with Random Division and Random CombinationMurai, Hajime
2013年8月1日Exegetical Science for the Interpretation of the Bible: Algorithms and Software for Quantitative Analysis of Christian DocumentsMurai, Hajime
2016年7月9日Extracting Agents and Behaviors from Stories for Automatic Plot Structure IdentificationMurai, Hajime
2008年3月8日Extracting and Representing Political Kansei Based on WWWMurai, Hajime; Matsumoto, Naoko; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2008年3月6日Extracting Concepts from Religious Knowledge Resources and Constructing Classic Analysis SystemsMurai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2010年8月18日Extracting Conceptual Features and Observing Relations for Composers from Music CriticsKawase, Akihiro; Murai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2014年9月20日Extracting Factors of Small Stories from the Synoptic GospelsMurai, Hajime
2009年7月9日Extracting High-Order Aesthetic and Affective Components From Composer's WritingsTokosumi, Akifumi; Murai, Hajime
2006年7月29日Extracting the Hierarchical Structure of Plots from Variant TextsMurai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2010年8月18日Historical Shifts in Writing Style within the Works of Haruki Murakami Identified Using Semantic AnalysisKudo, Akira; Murai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2015年7月2日Identifying Synonymous Word Groups in the Synoptic Gospels: A Quantitative Analytical ApproachMurai, Hajime
2011年9月14日Implementing Rhetorical Structure Database System for Digital ArchiveMurai, Hajime
2007年10月10日Implicit Speech Act Verbs in Conversations: An Analysis of Conversation Log within Medical SettingsMatsumoto, Naoko; Murai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2012年8月8日Introducing Scientific Methods for the Interpretation of the Bible: Quantitative Analysis of Christian DocumentsMurai, Hajime
2005年3月3日Knowledge Resources for SensibilityTokosumi, Akifumi; Matsumoto, Naoko; Noda, Kohei; Moriyasu, Daisuke; Constantinescu, Ana; Murai, Hajime
2009年7月9日Life with a Robot Companion: Video Analysis of 16-days of Interaction with a Home Robot in a "Ubiquitous Home" EnvironmentMatsumoto, Naoko; Ueda, Hirotada; Yamazaki, Tatsuya; Murai, Hajime
2007年5月24日Medical Ontologies as a Knowledge RepositoryTokosumi, Akifumi; Matsumoto, Naoko; Murai, Hajime
2007年9月20日Network Analysis of the Four Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic ChurchMurai, Hajime; Tokosumi, Akifumi
2014年8月2日Plot Analysis for Describing Punch Line Functions in Shinichi Hoshi's MicrofictionMurai, Hajime
2008年7月28日Principal Component Analysis of Factors that Evoke Positive Emotions when DrivingMurai, Hajime; Matsumoto, Naoko; Moriyasu, Daisuke; Tokosumi, Akifumi
検索結果表示: 12 - 31 / 120


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