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2002年7月Macroscopic morphology of transportation network in the amoeba-like organism of Physarum plasmodiumNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, R.
2007年Mathematical model for adaptive transport network in path finding by true slime moldTero, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Ryo; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2011年Mathematical model for contemplative amoeboid locomotionUeda, Kei-ichi; Takagi, Seiji; Nishiura, Yasumasa; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2011年2月28日Mathematical model for contemplative amoeboid locomotionUeda, Kei-Ichi; Takagi, Seiji; Nishiura, Yasumasa; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2006年Mathematical model for rhythmic amoeboid movement in the true slime moldKobayashi, Ryo; Tero, Atsushi; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2000年Maze-solving by an amoeboid organismNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Yamada, Hiroyasu; To'th, A'gota
2001年3月Maze-solving by an amoeboid organismNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2012年Mechanics of peristaltic locomotion and role of anchoringTanaka, Yoshimi; Ito, Kentaro; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, Ryo
2009年7月1日”「Memristor minds: The future of artificial intelligence」(By Justin Mullins)”Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2007年Minimum-risk path finding by an adaptive amoebal networkNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Iima, Makoto; Ueda, Tetsuo; Nishiura, Yasumasa; Saigusa, Tetsu; Tero, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Ryo; Showalter, Kenneth
2007年7月"Minisymposium "Dynamics of nonlinear waves in heterogenous media" Cell behaviors in heterogeneous media in an amoeba of true slime mold"Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Takagi, S.; Ueda, T.; Ueda, K.; Nishiura, Y.
2011年5月25日Minisymposium "Dynamics of Protoplasm in Amoeboid Cells: "Mechanics of peristaltic locomotion driven by contraction waves and friction control"Tanaka, Y.; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2007年5月"Minisymposium "Dynamics of Protoplasm in Physarum Plasmodium" Introduction to protoplasmic dynamics in Physarum"Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Matsumoto, K.; Takagi, S.
2013年8月19日Modelling and simulation of self-organized behaviour in biological and bio-inspired systems.中垣, 俊之
1999年Modulation of cellular rhythm and photoavoidance by oscillatory irradiation in the Physarum plasmodiumNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Yamada, Hiroyasu; Ueda, Tetsuo
2000年10月4日“More Slime than Meets the Eye”Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2006年2月Morphology and physiology of vein network in slime mouldNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Tero, A.; Kobayashi, R.
2001年10月Morphology of tube-network in true slime moldNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2009年9月Negotiating multi-purpose optimization problem by means of the adaptive method inspired by a single celled organism PhysarumTero, A.; Yamaguchi, M.; Kobayashi, R.; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2011年”Netowrking opportunities,The mathematics of life (written by Ian Stewart)”Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
検索結果表示: 108 - 127 / 560


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