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2008年4月Behavioral smartness in an amoeba -Experimental evaluation of smartness and dynamical mechanism-Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Tero, A.; Saigusa, T.; Kobayashi, R.
2006年9月Behavioral smartness in an amoeba of true slime mouldNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, R.; Tero, A.
2009年4月Behavioral smartness in slime moldNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2009年5月Behavioral smartness of slime mould -evaluation and modelling-Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2010年”BIOCITY -Emergent sustainability-”Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2009年4月“Biologistics learned from adaptable transport network of food locations in slime mold”Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, R.; Tero, A.
2006年11月Cell behaviors in an amoeboid organism of ture slime moldNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2010年9月29日Cell dynamics of smart behaviors in Physarum plasmodiumNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2004年3月Cell Smartness based on Community Dynamics in Physarum Slime MoldsNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, R.
2009年4月Cells anticipate periodic eventsNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Saigusa, T.; Tero, A.; Kuramoto, Y.
2009年3月Cells anticipate periodic eventsNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2011年3月Cellular computation realizing intelligence of slime mold Physarum polycephalumTanaka, Yoshimi; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
2008年1月24日”Cellular memory hints at the orgins of intelligence.”Kuramoto, Y.; Saigusa, T.; Tero, A.; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki
1988年Changes in cAMP and cGMP concentration, birefringent fibrils and contractile activity accompanying “UV and blue light photoavoidance in plasmodia of an albino strain of Physarum polycephalum”Ueda, Tetsuo; Mori, Yoshihito; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobatake, Yonosuke
2005年Collective movement of epithelial cells on a collagen gel substrateHaga, Hisashi; Irahara, Chikako; Kobayashi, Ryo; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kawabata, Kazushige
2012年Common theory for path genesis in an adaptive networkTero, Atsushi; Nakagaki, Toshiyuki; Kobayashi, Ryo
2005年6月Communication network designed by an amoeba中垣, 俊之
2008年Computational ability of cells based on cell dynamics and adaptabilityNakagaki, Toshiyuki; Tero, Atsushi; Kobayashi, Ryo; Onishi, Isamu; Miyaji, Tomoyuki
2012年11月8日Computational ability of cells based on cell dynamics and adaptabilityNakagaki, Toshiyuki
2008年9月Computing with slime moldsNakagaki, Toshiyuki
検索結果表示: 22 - 41 / 560


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