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2008年Real world activities in virtual worldsWiz, C.; Vallance, Michael
2016年Researching Declarative, Procedural, and Meta-Cognitive Knowledge through Active Learning in Disaster-Themed 3D Virtual Worlds.Vallance, Michael
2006年Responsibility without power: reflections of an IT Coordinator in education.Vallance, Michael
2011年Robots and virtual worlds to support ‘Japan Recovery’: an emphasis on cognition.Vallance, Michael
2009年Science education in the virtual world.Vallance, Michael
2010年So much fuss about technology.Vallance, Michael
2014年Task fidelity for robot-mediated interaction in 3D worlds.Vallance, Michael; Naamani, Catherine; Thomas, Malcolm
2005年Teaching Digital Literacy Skills.Vallance, Michael
2005年Teaching Digital Literacy.Vallance, Michael
2005年Teaching English to Chinese ESL students: classroom practicesKwah, P. F.; Vallance, Michael
1999年Teaching with technology to create student-centred classrooms.Vallance, Michael
1999年Teaching with technology to create student-centred classrooms.Vallance, Michael
2012年Telerobotic Communication and Japan Recovery in Virtual Spaces.Vallance, Michael
2012年Telerobotic programming for communication and learning.Vallance, Michael; Field, M. H.
2013年The Affect of Collaboratively Programming Robots in a 3D Virtual Simulation.Vallance, Michael
2007年The challenge of informed use of learning technologies. Wireless Ready: Podcasting Education & Mobile Assisted Language Learning conference.Vallance, Michael
2005年The challenge of informed use: a unique IT experience for teachers and students from the Peoples’ Republic of China.Vallance, Michael
1998年The Design and use of an Internet resource for Business English learners.Vallance, Michael
1997年The Design and Utilisation of an Internet resource for Business English Learners.Vallance, Michael
2010年The Futures Studies Toolbox and iPod Touch: Digitally Enabled Futures Images for the Japanese University 2020 Project.Vallance, Michael; Wright, David L.
検索結果表示: 69 - 88 / 104


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