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2011年Measuring flow experience in an immersive virtual environment for collaborative learning.Schaik, P. van; Martin, S.; Vallance, Michael; Wiz, C.
2009年Mindstorms communication in Second Life.Vallance, Michael; Martin, S.; Wiz, C.; Schaik, P. van
2010年12月Panel Discussion: Chigaimasu: Where is Japan? Accepted ProposalField, M. H.; Vallance, Michael; Frank, Ian; Ruthven=Stuart, Peter; Wiz, Charles
2016年Pedagogic transformation, student-directed design and computational thinking.Vallance, Michael; Towndrow, Phillip
2015年Post-Fukushima 3D Virtual Collaboration and Communication for Active LearningVallance, Michael; Ibayashi, Kenta
2009年Processes, outcomes and metrics for assessing synchronous and asynchronous collaboration in Virtual Worlds: a summary of Phase 1.Vallance, Michael; Martin, S.; Wiz, C.; Schaik, P. van
2005年Project-based Integrated Learning.Ellis, M.; Wilkinson, M.; Vallance, Michael
2008年Real world activities in virtual worldsWiz, C.; Vallance, Michael
2016年Researching Declarative, Procedural, and Meta-Cognitive Knowledge through Active Learning in Disaster-Themed 3D Virtual Worlds.Vallance, Michael
2006年Responsibility without power: reflections of an IT Coordinator in education.Vallance, Michael
2011年Robots and virtual worlds to support ‘Japan Recovery’: an emphasis on cognition.Vallance, Michael
2009年Science education in the virtual world.Vallance, Michael
2010年So much fuss about technology.Vallance, Michael
2014年Task fidelity for robot-mediated interaction in 3D worlds.Vallance, Michael; Naamani, Catherine; Thomas, Malcolm
2005年Teaching Digital Literacy Skills.Vallance, Michael
2005年Teaching Digital Literacy.Vallance, Michael
2005年Teaching English to Chinese ESL students: classroom practicesKwah, P. F.; Vallance, Michael
1999年Teaching with technology to create student-centred classrooms.Vallance, Michael
1999年Teaching with technology to create student-centred classrooms.Vallance, Michael
2012年Telerobotic Communication and Japan Recovery in Virtual Spaces.Vallance, Michael
検索結果表示: 62 - 81 / 104


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