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2012年Collaboratively programming robots in virtual spaces to support Japan Recovery.Vallance, Michael
2010年Conditions for successful online document collaboration.Vallance, Michael; Towndrow, P. A.; Wiz, C.
2010年Conference Reports: Human Computer Interaction, Cambridge University, 2009, 1 - 5 Sept. International conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Manchester University, 2009, 8 - 10 Sept.Vallance, Michael
2003年Creating ePortfoilios using HyperstudioVallance, Michael
2009年Criteria for the implementation of learning technologies.Vallance, Michael; Vallance, K.; Matsui, M.
2008年6月Crossing the Discipline Divide: Building Learning ContextsField, M. H.; Vallance, Michael; Yamamoto, Toshio
2008年Crossing the Discipline Divide: Building Learning Contexts.Field, M. H.; Vallance, Michael; Yamamoto, Toshio
2009年Curriculum mapping for pedagogical change? Case studies from Asia.Vallance, Michael; Towndrow, P. A.
2012年Design and robots for learning in virtual worlds.Vallance, Michael
2012年Design and robots for learning in virtual worlds.Khan, In B.; Vallance, Michael
1998年Design of an Internet activity.Vallance, Michael
2010年Designing effective spaces, tasks and metrics for communication in Second Life within the context of programming LEGO NXT Mindstorms? robots.Vallance, Michael; Martin, S.; Wiz, C.; Schaik, P. van
2005年Digital Literacy Skills.Vallance, Michael
2008年Effective implementation of interactive podcasting for the Web 2.0 generationVallance, Michael; Shibata, Y.
2015年Engineering Active Learning in 3D Virtual Worlds.Vallance, Michael; Ibayashi, Kenta; Goto, Yuta
2014年Engineering active learning: LEGO robots and 3D virtual worlds.Vallance, Michael
2003年English Language and ITTowndrow, P. A.; Vallance, Michael
2003年ePortfolios with Hyperstudio.Vallance, Michael
2016年Establishing Meta-Learning Metrics When Programming Mindstorms EV3 Robots.Vallance, Michael
2013年Experiential learning, virtual collaboration and robots.Vallance, Michael; Naamani, C.
検索結果表示: 22 - 41 / 104


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