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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
2007Realization of subglottal system using ARMA filterMiki, Nobuhiro; Hayashi, K.
1996Recent Research Towards Advanced Man-Machine Interface Through Spoken LanguageFujisaki, H.; Miki, Nobuhiro
1988Recursive estimation of ARMA parameters based on a robust time-varying model for speech analysisSerizawa, M.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1986Refined ARMA Digital Lattice FilterMiyanaga, Y.; Nagai, N.; Miki, Nobuhiro
2006Selectiveなフレーム展開によるノイズ環境下でのフォルマント推定法藤野, 喜得; 三木, 信弘
1993Simulation of Vowel Synthesis with vibration of larynx using a circuit modelMiki, Nobuhiro; Kamiyama, N.; Nagai, N.
1995Simultaneous Estimation of Echo Path and Channel Response Using Full-Duplex Transmitted Training Data SequenceChen, X.; Suzuki, M.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1994Some Geometric and Acoustic Properties of the Lip HornBadin, P.; Motoki, K.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Ritterhans, D.; Lallouache, M.
1988Spectral tracking using ARMA estimationMiki, Nobuhiro; Serizawa, M.
1985Spectrum and pitch estimation of speech using a time-varying ARMA estimation alogorithmMiki, Nobuhiro; Miyanaga, Y.; Saga, S.; Nagai, N.
1978Speech Synthesizer Terminal Using a Micro ProcessorMiki, Nobuhiro; Nomura, T.; Nagai, N.
1993Synthesis and analysis of Vocal Souce with vibration of larynxMiki, Nobuhiro; Kamiyama, N.; Nagai, N.
1985Synthesis on digital lattice filters realizing stable rational transfer functionSuzuki, Masakiyo; Nagai, N.; Miki, Nobuhiro
1970The Relation of the Binary Orthogonal Matrix to the Fourier SeriesToraichi, K.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Murakami, J.; Nagai, N.; Yoshimoto, C.
1996Transfer function of 3-D vocal tract model with higher modeMiki, Nobuhiro; Matsuzaki, Hiroki; Aoyama, Kazuki; Ogawa, Yoshihiko
1988Viscous flow analysis of the glottal model using a finite element methodIijima, H.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1994Vocal Tract Model and 3-Dimensional Effect of ArticulationMiki, Nobuhiro; Badin, P.; Pham, Thi Ngoc Y.; Ogawa, Y.
2006WEB-spline近似によるFEMの内そう関数の構成アルゴリズム芝, 明博; 三木, 信弘
1998だ音響管モデルを用いた日本語母音の3次元有限要素解析松崎, 博季; 三木, 信弘; 小川, 吉彦
1983ウェーブディジタルフィルタの低係数感度分波器への応用鈴木, 正敏; 若林, 裕之; 三木, 信弘; 永井, 信夫
Showing results 85 to 104 of 194


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