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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
1997Construction method of 3-D vocal tract shapes using tomogramYokoyama, T.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Ogawa, Y.
1969Continuous measurements of alveolar pressure in room temperature environmentYoshimoto, C.; Mikami, T.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Wada, T.; Ono, K.
1992Digital filters based on complex transmission line networksTakahashi, A.; Nagai, N.; Miki, Nobuhiro
1981Digital Frequency Multipliers Using Multisection Two-strip Coupled LineSakagami, I.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.; Hatori, K.
1978Effect of coronary occlusion on myocardial oxgen and pulsatile intramyocardial pressureKoyama, T.; Sasajima, T.; Yagi, T.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Kikuchi, Y.
1990Evaluation of speech synthesis using an ARMA estimation and excitation sourcesWang, G.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
2003FEM Analysis Based on 3-D Time-Varying Vocal Tract ShapeSasaki, K.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Miyanaga, Y.
1996FEM analysis of sound wave propagation in the vocal tract with 3-D radiational modelMatsuzaki, Hiroki; Miki, Nobuhiro; Ogawa, Yoshihiko
1996FEM analysis of three-dimensional vocal tract model with branchesAoyama, Kazuki; Matsuzaki, Hiroki; Miki, Nobuhiro; Ogawa, Yoshihiko
1990Finite element analysis of a vocal cord model with muscle of nonhomogeneous elasticityMiki, Nobuhiro; Iijima, H.; Nagai, N.
1989Formant and anti-formant tracker using time weighted ARMA methodMiki, Nobuhiro; Serizawa, M.; Nagai, N.
1990Formant and anti-formant tracker using time weighted ARMA methodMiki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1998Frequency and Symbol Rate Offset Compensating Algorithms for Simultaneous Estimation of Echo and Channel ResponcesLi, W.; Chen, X.; Wang, Y.; Miki, Nobuhiro
1992Frequency weighting model identification and adaptive ARMA lattice filterHaseyama, M.; Nagai, N.; Miki, Nobuhiro
1989Fundamental consideration of finiteelement method for the simulation of the vibration of vocal cordsIijima, H.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1990Glottal flow analysis based on a finite element simulation of a two-dimentional unsteady viscous fluidIijima, H.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1992Glottal Impedance based on a finite element analysis of two-dimentional unsteady viscous flow in a static glottisIijima, H.; Miki, Nobuhiro; Nagai, N.
1998Hardware Core of Lattice Filter Using FPGAMiki, Nobuhiro; Boonkumklao, W.; Shirakawa, T.; Ogawa, Y.
2002High Speed Computation of Transfer Function of 3-D Vocal TractMiki, Nobuhiro; Sasaki, K.; Matsuzaki, H.
1988Identification of speech production model with parsimonious ARMA parametersMiyanaga, Y.; Nagai, N.; Miki, Nobuhiro
Showing results 48 to 67 of 194


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