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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
Aug-2010Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan 特集号櫻沢, 繁
Nov-1996L-アミノ酸混合物の加熱溶解反応土澤, 健一; 櫻沢, 繁; 本多, 元; 松野, 孝一郎
2005Live Feeling on Movement of an Autonomous Robot Using a Biological SignalSakurazawa, Shigeru; Yanagihara, Keisuke; Tsukahara, Yasuo; Matsubara, Hitoshi
Sep-2005Live Feeling on Movement of an Autonomous Robot Using a Biological SignalSakurazawa, Shigeru; Yanagihara, K.; Tsukahara, Y.; Matsubara, Hitoshi
Jul-1997Microcapsule formation in self assembly of thermal heterocomplex molecules from amino acidsSakurazawa, Shigeru; Honda, H.; Imai, E.; Matsuno, K.
Oct-2005Microcapsule formation of thermal heterocomplex molecules of amino acidsSakurazawa, Shigeru
Oct-2005Morphology Change of Polyelrctrolytes onsisting of Amino Acids and Hydrophobic InteractionKunita, M.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru
Oct-2010Movement Regulation of a Sliding Action Filament in a Reconstruction Motility Assay System (Invited)Kunita, I.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru
Dec-1995One-to-Many?? Thermal Heterocomplex Molecules rom amino acids and Their Dynamics櫻沢, 繁; 松野, 孝一郎; 今井, 栄一; 本多, 元
Jan-1999Orientation of protein crystals grown in a magnetic fieldSakurazawa, Shigeru; Kubota, T.; Ataka, M.
Jul-2005pH上昇によるアミノ酸熱重合物微小球のマイクロカプセル形成國田, 美穂子; 櫻沢, 繁
Sep-2003pH変化に対するアミノ酸熱重合物の自己集積と多様性國田, 美穂子; 櫻沢, 繁
Dec-2008RCヘリコプターのホバリング制御における能動的操作飯岡, 祐貴; 國田, 美穂子; 櫻沢, 繁
Dec-2009RCヘリコプターの操作の複雑さと知覚-行為サイクル飯岡, 祐貴; 櫻沢, 繁
Dec-1998Self-assembly of nano-particles from thermal heterocomplex molecules of amino acid土澤, 健一; 櫻沢, 繁; 羽鳥, 晋由; 本多, 元; 松野, 孝一郎
Oct-2006Spatial distortions of actin filament in the in vitro motility assayKunita, M.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru; Honda, H.
Mar-2007TextileNet戸田, 真志; 秋田, 純一; 櫻沢, 繁; 岩田, 州夫
Apr-2002The matching between thermal gradient and thermal relaxation times of oligoglycine on the prebiotic earthHaruna, T.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru
2010Up and Down Movement of a Sliding Actin Filament in the in vitro Motility AssayKunita, I.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru; Honda, H.
Oct-2006Wearable Biomedical Monitoring System Using TextileNetToda, Masashi; Akita, J.; Sakurazawa, Shigeru; Yanagihara, Keisuke; Kunita, M.; Iwata, Kunio
Showing results 26 to 45 of 175


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