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1997年Recurrent fine structures in Jovian S-burst emissionRucker, H. O.; Ryabov, B. P.; Zarka, P.; Rucker, H. O.; Ryabov, V. B.; Boudjada, M. Y.
1992年Running Lyapunov exponents and the conditions for the occurrence of chaosVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.
2003年12月Search for Exoplanetary Radio-Bursts in Decameter Wave Band: Statistical Enhancement of Sensitivity Under Severe Interference ConditionsRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
2003年4月Search for radio extrasolar planets with LOFARZarka, P.; Treumann, R. A.; Ryabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.
2003年4月Search for radio-bursts from magnetized exoplanets in decameter wave bandRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
2004年Search of exoplanetary radio signals in the presence of strong interference: Enhancing sensitivity by data accumulationRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
1995年Some new features of Jupiter S-bursts from recent UTR-2 observationsRyabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Rucker, H. O.; Zarka, P.; Boudjada, M.
2004年Stability of Microwave and Electronic Devices: an Approach from Dynamical Systems TheoryRyabov, V. B.
2003年10月Stability of Microwave and Electronic Devices: An Approach from Dynamical Systems TheoryRyabov, V. B.
2005年3月Stability of Nonlinear Systems: A Lyapunov Exponents-Based Approach FUDoM 05Ryabov, V. B.; Sugawara, T.
1990年Statistical errors in calciulation of f(α) spectraRyabov, V. B.
1988年Stochastic processes in a nonautonomous quasilinear oscillatorBelogortsev, A. B.; Vavriv, D. M.; Gromov, G. A.; Ryabov, V. B.; Tretyakov, O. A.
1990年Systematic errors in fractal dimension calculationsRyabov, V. B.
2005年The ability to express multiple-choice behavior in pill bugsMoriyama, T.; Ryabov, V. B.; Migita, M.
1990年The current Lyapunov exponentsRyabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D. M.
1990年The influence of noise on dynamics of nonautonomous quasilinear Duffing oscillatorVavriv, D. M.; Gromov, G. A.; Ryabov, V. B.
1989年The resolution ability of "boxes" method in calculation of f(α) spectraRyabov, V. B.
2002年12月Two-Dimensional Stick-Slip: How the Seismic Activity depends on the Direction of Tectonic Plates MotionRyabov, V. B.
2002年Using Lyapunov Exponents to Predict the Onset of Chaos in Nonlinear OscillatorsRyabov, V. B.
2003年7月複雑な挙動を示すにはどれだけの非線形性が必要か?Ryabov, V. B.
検索結果表示: 64 - 83 / 83


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