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1997年On the origin of Jovian decametric radio burstsRucker, H. O.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Prange, R.; Abada-Simon, M.; Farges, T.; Denis, L.
1996年Origin of Jovian decameter radio burstsZarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Prange, R.; Farges, T.; Abada-Simon, M.; Denis, L.
2002年8月Post-Detection Interference Rejection and Weak Burst Detection in Time-Frequency SpectrogramsZarka, P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Ryabov, B.
1989年Probability distribution for distances between points on strange attractorVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.
1997年Problems of the application of Melnikov method for chaos forecast in dissipative dynamical systemsDoering, C. R.; Tsarin, Yu. A.; Ryabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D. M.
2011年Quantifying long time memory in phase space trajectories of molecular liquidsRyabov, V. B.; Nerukh, Dmitry
2007年Quantifying the coherence of Jupiter S-bursts(solicited)Ryabov, V. B.; Ryabov, B. P.; Vavriv, D. M.; Zarka, P.; Kozhin, R.; Vinogradov, V.V.; Shevchenko, V. A.
1997年Recurrent fine structures in Jovian S-burst emissionRucker, H. O.; Ryabov, B. P.; Zarka, P.; Rucker, H. O.; Ryabov, V. B.; Boudjada, M. Y.
1992年Running Lyapunov exponents and the conditions for the occurrence of chaosVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.
2003年12月Search for Exoplanetary Radio-Bursts in Decameter Wave Band: Statistical Enhancement of Sensitivity Under Severe Interference ConditionsRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
2003年4月Search for radio extrasolar planets with LOFARZarka, P.; Treumann, R. A.; Ryabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.
2003年4月Search for radio-bursts from magnetized exoplanets in decameter wave bandRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
2004年Search of exoplanetary radio signals in the presence of strong interference: Enhancing sensitivity by data accumulationRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
1995年Some new features of Jupiter S-bursts from recent UTR-2 observationsRyabov, B. P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Rucker, H. O.; Zarka, P.; Boudjada, M.
2004年Stability of Microwave and Electronic Devices: an Approach from Dynamical Systems TheoryRyabov, V. B.
2003年10月Stability of Microwave and Electronic Devices: An Approach from Dynamical Systems TheoryRyabov, V. B.
2005年3月Stability of Nonlinear Systems: A Lyapunov Exponents-Based Approach FUDoM 05Ryabov, V. B.; Sugawara, T.
1990年Statistical errors in calciulation of f(α) spectraRyabov, V. B.
1988年Stochastic processes in a nonautonomous quasilinear oscillatorBelogortsev, A. B.; Vavriv, D. M.; Gromov, G. A.; Ryabov, V. B.; Tretyakov, O. A.
1990年Systematic errors in fractal dimension calculationsRyabov, V. B.
検索結果表示: 57 - 76 / 83


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