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2010年7月14日An Analysis of the Global 30 Project: Internationalism in Japanese Higher EducationRivers, Damian
2009年8月4日An Exploration of on-Task Language Policy and Student SatisfactionRivers, Damian
2015年6月5日Australian Hip-Hop: Maintaining Voice and Representing PlaceRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
2015年6月6日Beyond Bifurcation: Language Speakers as Complex IndividualsRivers, Damian; Rajagopalan, Kanavillil; Liang, Shihua
2018年4月Beyond Native-Speakerism: Current Explorations and Future VisionsRivers, Damian; Houghton, Stephanie; Hashimoto, Kayoko
2017年Bringing the Isms into FocusRivers, Damian; Zotzmann, Karin
2017年3月Categorizations of Speakerhood: Reconciling the Damage and Searching for SolutionsRivers, Damian
2011年7月10日Censorship and Academic Freedom in ELT Research: Implications for Practitioner MotivationRivers, Damian; McMillan, Brian
2017年10月16日Communicative Interactions in Foreign Language Education: Contact Anxiety, Appraisal and DistanceRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
2016年8月22日Constructing Ideological Opposition to the Native-Speaker English TeacherRivers, Damian
2018年4月12日Consulting EditorRivers, Damian
2015年8月15日Cultural Essentialism and Foreigner-as-Criminal DiscourseRivers, Damian
2010年6月10日Defending against English Linguistic Imperialism in the International University: Contradictions between Theory and PracticeRivers, Damian; Houghton, Stephanie
2013年1月25日Developing Criticality in Practice Through Foreign Language Education (Intercultural Studies and Foreign Language Learning Series) by Stephanie Houghton and Etsuko Yamada [Peter Lang, 2012]Rivers, Damian
2017年1月19日Digital Cultures of Political Participation: Internet Memes and the Discursive Delegitimization of the 2016 U.S. Presidential CandidatesRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
2018年5月18日Discursive Deflection: Accusation of “Fake News” and the Spread of Mis- and Disinformation in the Tweets of President TrumpRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
2015年3月23日Discursive Representations of the Native Speaker as Qualification for EmploymentRivers, Damian
2018年3月20日Emotional Experiences Beyond the Classroom: Interactions with the Social WorldRivers, Damian; Ross, Andrew
2016年Employment Advertisements and Native-Speakerism in Japanese Higher EducationRivers, Damian
2008年4月6日English as an International Business Language (EIBL): The need for an Increase in Theoretical and Practical Research Focusing on Written Business Communications across Cultural Boundaries in Relation to Multinational Corporate Language SelectionRivers, Damian
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 124


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