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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Paper
2015A Computational Model of Cortical Pathways Formed with Electroencephalogram SynchronizationSato, Naoyuki
2009A Computational Model of Spatial Imagery Based on Ob ject?Centered Scene RepresentationSato, Naoyuki
2009A computational predictor of the human episodic memory based on a theta phase precession networkSato, Naoyuki; Yamaguchi, Yoko
2010Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience and Systems Biology: Lessons Learnt, Open Problems, and the Road AheadBebber, Daniel; Sato, Naoyuki; Schuster, Alfons
2014Coupling between Spatial Consistency of Neural Firing and Local Field Potential Coherence: A Computational StudySato, Naoyuki
2013Electroencephalogram dynamics during social communication among multiple personsSato, Naoyuki; Sato, Taiki; Okazaki, Takeya; Takami, Mitsuru
2013Fast entrainment of human electroencephalogram to a theta-band photic flicker during successful memory encoding.Sato, Naoyuki
2010Functional dissociation of upper and lower theta-band oscillations in human scalp EEG during episodic memory encodingSato, Naoyuki
2010Integration of Visual Scenes and Motion Signals by Entorhinal Grid Cells During Spatial ImagerySato, Naoyuki
2010Quo vadis artificial intelligence?Bebber, Daniel; Sato, Naoyuki; Schuster, Alfons
2010Simulation of Human Episodic Memory by Using a Computational Model of the HippocampusSato, Naoyuki
Feb-2015Spatial consistency of neural firing regulates long-range local field potential synchronization: a computational study.Sato, Naoyuki
2011Spatial imagery of novel places based on visual scene transformationSato, Naoyuki
2009Subsequent memory-dependent EEG theta correlates to parahippocampal BOLD responseSato, Naoyuki; Ozaki, Takashi J.; Someya, Yoshiaki; Anami, Kimitaka; Ogawa, Seiji; Mizuhara, Hiroaki; Yamaguchi, Yoko
2012Variety of cortical pathways formed by topographic neural projection: A computational studySato, Naoyuki
2010エピソード記憶の記銘における脳波シータ高帯域と低帯域の機能的差異佐藤, 直行
2010グリッド細胞表現に基づく他者視点シーン生成の計算理論佐藤, 直行
2009人間の認知地図生成と想起の神経ダイナミクス佐藤, 直行
2009数理モデルと脳波計測の融合解析佐藤, 直行
2012海馬の理論研究:ニューロンから行動ま で佐藤, 直行; 大森, 敏明; 我妻, 広明
Showing results 1 to 20 of 26


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