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2008年9月Building Bridges: Breaking Barriers of SpecializationField, M. H.
2008年6月Crossing the Discipline Divide: Building Learning ContextsField, M. H.; Vallance, Michael; Yamamoto, Toshio
2007年6月Developing Learning Opportunities (Again?): Rhetoric and RealityField, M. H.
2009年12月Education Across Borders: Politics, Policy and Legislative ActionFegan, James; Field, M. H.
2010年4月Human Rights in Japan ? intriguing, progressing, but still lackingField, M. H.
2009年2月Introduction: Crossing Borders is Inevitable in Higher EducationField, M. H.
2009年10月Learning Across Specializations: Possibility, Lessons and More QuestionsField, M. H.
2007年6月Learning from the koto Wedge: the Telescope and the ShawlFrank, Ian; Field, M. H.
2007年12月Member, Doctoral Examination Committee (Ed.D. viva voce) for candidate at Temple UniversityField, M. H.
2010年12月Panel Discussion: Chigaimasu: Where is Japan? Accepted ProposalField, M. H.; Vallance, Michael; Frank, Ian; Ruthven=Stuart, Peter; Wiz, Charles
2009年2月Regional Universities in the Global market: the case of HUECrawford, Michael; Field, M. H.
2009年6月Reviewer Ed-Media 2009, World Conference on Education, Multimedia, Hypermedia and TelecommunicationsField, M. H.
2010年1月Reviewer Ed-Media 2010, World Conference on Education, Multimedia, Hypermedia and TelecommunicationsField, M. H.
2010年12月Reviewer, ASCILITE 2010, Curriculum, Technology & Transformation for an Unknown FutureField, M. H.
2008年8月Reviewer, International Conference on Teaching and Learning with TechnologyField, M. H.
2010年5月Starting from Scratch ? Lifting the Educational Resource CurseFrank, Ian; Field, M. H.
2008年9月Technological Thinking: A Teaching ChallengeFrank, Ian; Field, M. H.
2008年9月TNT: Technological Thinking with No TechnologyFrank, Ian; Field, M. H.
2010年3月Workshop Critical Thinking in Teaching & LearningFrank, Ian; Field, M. H.
検索結果表示: 1 - 19 / 19


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