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1999年7月A chaotic model of earthquakes,Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific: First International Conference on Nonlinear ScienceRyabov, V. B.; Ito, K.
2010年A low-noise high dynamic range digital receiver for radio astronomy applications: An efficient solution for observing radio-bursts from Jupiter the Sun,Pulsars,and other astrophysical plasmas below 30MHzRyabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B.; Kozhin, R.; Vinogradov, V.V.; Denis, L.
2002年8月A Necessary Condition of Chaotic Instability in Nonlinear OscillatorsRyabov, V. B.
1991年A prerequisite to the disruption of quasiperiodic oscillations in weakly nonlinear Duffing oscillatorVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.
1993年Chaos death due to noise-induced switchingRyabov, V. B.
1995年Chaotic dynamics in planetary and solar emissionRyabov, V. B.
1991年Chaotic dynamics of parametrically excited oscillatorsVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.; Cherneshov, I. Yu.
1989年Chaotic dynamics of weakly non-linear oscillations with quasiperiodic excitationBelogortsev, A. B.; Cherneshov, I. Yu.; Ryabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D. M.
1997年7月Chaotic encoding of information without synchronizationKadtke, J. B.; Ryabov, V. B.; Usik, P. V.; Vavriv, D. M.; Bulsara, A.
1996年Chaotic instabilities in single- and multi-mode electronic devicesMiloslavljevich; Ryabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D. M.; Petrovic, Z.
1999年Chaotic masking without synchronizationRyabov, V. B.; Usik, P. V.; Vavriv, D. M.
1996年Chaotic states of weakly and strongly nonlinear oscillators with quasiperiodic excitationVavriv, D. M.; Ryabov, V. B.; Bulgakov, S. A.; Ito, H. M.
2008年Complex temporal patterns in molecular dynamics: a direct measure of the phase space exploration by the trajectory at macroscopic time scalesNerukh, D.; Ryabov, V. B.; Glen, R. C.
2009年Computational Mechanics of Molecular SystemsNerukh, D.; Ryabov, V. B.
1991年Conditions of quasiperidic oscillation destruction in the weakly nonlinear Duffing oscillatorRyabov, V. B.; Vavriv, D. M.
1994年Correlation dimension for radio astronomy observationsRyabov, V. B.
1992年Correlation dimension: The new tool in astrophysicsLitvinenko, L. N.; Ryabov, V. B.; Usik, P. V.; Vavriv, D. M.
2002年3月Creep and Strong Motions of Tectonic Plates Defined by the Fault GeometryRyabov, V. B.
2007年9月Data preprocessing for decametre wavelength exoplanet detection: an example of cyclostationary rfi detectorWeber, R.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, V. B.; Feliachi, R.; Griessmeier, J. M.; Denis, L.; Kozhyn, R. V.; Vinogradov, V.V.; Ravier, P.
2004年7月Detecting radio-bursts from exoplanets: Instrumental and statistical limitations of sensitivity in 1999-2001 observations with UTR-2 decameter array (invited review). Proc. of joint AOGS 1st Annual Meeting & 2nd APHW ConferenceRyabov, V. B.; Zarka, P.; Ryabov, B. P.
検索結果表示: 1 - 20 / 83


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